The 19th Century Airship Manuscripts of
Charles A.A. Dellschau

curated by Brian Chidester, courtesy the Stephen Romano Gallery

Schedule to be announced

The story of the Zeppelin and Airplane, i.e. of flight technology, is a well-documented one of the late nineteenth/early twentieth century. The twelve bound volumes of paintings and collages by Texas-based artist Charles A.A. Dellschau call that entire narrative into question however. Beginning in 1893, Dellschau created a body of work that portends to tell the alternate history of flight, one where a group of German expats living in Northern California in the 1850s invented the first flying machines as a secret society of engineers. Fact or fiction? This exhibition presents Dellschau's most convincing blueprints of baubles which the artist himself claims were built fifty years before the Wright brothers and Kitty Hawk.

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